Antique French Furniture

French bar furniture and decoration from the 1930’s

The roaring twenties and crazy thirties in France… La Belle Époque. The door of the Art Deco café – restaurant in Paris opens and you enter. Your friends are awaiting and everybody is having a good time. At the time, you took the time. To see each other, talk, drink, smoke and dance all night. This insouciant atmosphere reflects in the furniture and decorative arts of the period 1920-1930. And now, almost 100 years later, Art Déco and Art Nouveau have the power to transport us back to this feeling of conviviality and good old fashioned fun.

Specialists in French period bar and hotel furniture
Un Air de Bistrot is specialised in furniture, fittings and decorative art and antiques from the beginning of the twentieth century in France. Its owner, Jean-Luc Perrier (yes, that ís his real name) is a connaisseur, restorer and dealer who has been well-known in this particular field (hotel, restaurant and bar furniture from the ’30s) for over thirty years now. And still he succeeds in finding authentic pieces of period art deco furniture in his network, covering all of France.

Lend some French style to your business
Un Air de Bistrot proposes a large collection of French furniture and decorative objects, like advertising posters, huge bottles, cutlery and glass ware. Every table, chair, stool, counter, bar, or cabinet has been meticulously checked and restaured in our own workshop, ready for everyday professional use. The deco objects have been leaned and repaired if necessary, but not restored too much, to preserve their original patina and authenticity.